Fundamentals for processing personal data in the RAALTRANS Group


The RAALTRANS Group (hereafter "RAALTRANS") includes: RAALTRANS a.s. (Business ID No: 03192041), Radek Žilka - RAALTRANS (Business ID No: 44416903), Radek Žilka - RAALTRANS, Malý Cetín 151, 951 07, Malý Cetín, Slovak Republic (Business ID No: 44066538). The data controller is RAALTRANS a.s., Business ID No: 03192041 (hereafter the "Controller").  

Company RAALTRANS a.s., business ID No: 03192041, having its registered office at the address Předměřická 192, Hradec Králové, postcode 503 01, recorded in the records section B, volume 3320, kept at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, as the personal data controller, hereby announces the means and scope of personal data processing, including scope of rights of subjects of data associated with the processing of their personal data by the RAALTRANS Group.

RAALTRANS processes the personal data of a subject of data in compliance with the valid legislation. Starting on 25 May 2018, the personal data of a subject of data will be processed in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Purpose and scope of processing of personal data:

RAALTRANS processes personal data in the scope in which the subject of data provided the personal data and in the scope essential for performing the specific purpose arising from the contractual relationship and also for its provision in the context of legal duties, this being for the period necessary for the purposes of use of this data and information for the use of the databank.

Basic purposes for processing of personal data by RAALTRANS:

- for purposes associated with the databank service, in particular for provision of service, for ensuring of all other activities with implementation of the service

- performance of contract and provision of services

- ensuring operational activities

- accounting and tax purposes

- debt recovery

- performing legal duties

- direct marketing (information and product campaigns) of RAALTRANS

- protection of property and persons

- protection of its own rights and the rights protected by law, of other recipients of databank service or of

  third parties, including intellectual property rights

- purposes of justified interests of RAALTRANS or third party under the assumption that these interests do not outweigh the justified interests and basic rights and freedoms of the subject of data

Scope of processing of personal data by RAALTRANS:

- identification data: title, first name, surname, Business ID No or Tax ID No as the case may be, EU Tax ID No,

- address data: permanent home address or place of trading, address of place of business, delivery address

- contact data: telephone or fax as the case may be, email, www pages, email invoicing or other comparable contact and additional information

- other personal data: authorisation contact, telephone, for purposes of managing user accesses and applications

- data about service use: data about use of services of RAALTRANS databank for ensuring all

  other activities associated with service implementation and for development of new services etc.

- data for protection of its own rights and rights protected by law: data of information and communication

  technologies for performing analyses and evaluation of possible risks

- other data for ensuring the justified interest of RAALTRANS

The personal data which RAALTRANS processes with the consent of the subject of data is given in the consent to the processing of personal data which the subject of data may grant.

In view of the contractual nature of the relations between the subject of data and RAALTRANS, the provision of personal data is voluntary. But RAALTRANS cannot conclude a Transport Information Provision Contract and provide a service if personal data essential for the conclusion of the relevant contract and provision of the service are not provided by it. 

Sources of personal data:

- directly from subject of data during discussions on the conclusion of a Transport Information Provision Contract,

  by provision of service and its subsequent implementation, or from third parties

- from publicly accessible registers, lists and records (public register, companies register, trades register, VIES register, insolvency register, cadastre of property, public telephone directory etc.) and from other public sources (including information from social networks and the internet which a subject of data publishes about him/herself)

- from bodies of state administration or on the basis of special legal regulations

- or from other subjects if the subject of data had given his/her consent to this

Ensuring protection of personal data:

 Personal data is under constant physical, electronic control. RAALTRANS has modern inspection, technical and security mechanisms ensuring maximum possible protection of the processed data from unauthorised access and transfer, from its loss or destruction, and from other possible abuse.

All persons who come into contact with the personal data of subjects of data as part of the performance of working or contractually accepted duties are bound by a legal or contractual confidentiality duty.

RAALTRANS processes and publishes personal data in the context of operation of the RAALTRANS databank, and offer of services and other activities, for other recipients of the databank for the period essential for the purposes of use of this data and information for use of the databank.

Processors and recipients:

The personal data processors are in particular:

- the RAALTRANS group

-specialised external contractors or providers of services on the basis of a Personal Data Processing Contract

The personal data recipients are in particular:

- the RAALTRANS group

- users of the RAALTRANS databank on the basis of a concluded Transport Information Provision Contract

Rights of subject of data in relation to personal data:

A subject of data may address requests to the Controller in the context of the exercising of its following rights:

- right to access to its personal data and to its correction,

- right to object to the processing of his/her personal data if this personal data is processed for the purposes of justified interests of RAALTRANS or a third party, under the assumption that these justified interests do not outweigh the justified interests and basic rights and freedoms of the subject of data,

- right to deletion of his/their personal data if the personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes given in the paragraph: Basic purposes for the processing of personal data by RAALTRANS, the subject of data revokes the consent on the basis of which the data was processed and there is no other legal reason for its processing, the subject of data has raised an objection to its processing and there exists no outweighing justified reasons for its processing, the personal data was processed without legal basis.

- right to limitation of processing if the subject of data contests the accuracy of the personal data, and this shall be for the period necessary for RAALTRANS to be able to verify the accuracy of the personal data, the processing has no legal basis, but the subject of data rejects the deletion of personal data and instead asks for a limitation of its use.

The aforementioned requests and/or announcements of requests can be made by post to the address of the registered office of the Controller. The Controller can bill a reasonable fee on the basis of administrative costs associated with the provision of the processed personal data in compliance with article 15 paragraph 3 of the GDPR regulation.

Requests and/or announcements must contain data about the first name and surname, business ID No and email address of the subject of data for the purpose of verifying that such a request and/or announcement is truly from the subject of data.

The Controller always informs the subject of data without undue delay of the resolution of his request. If a subject of data discovers or feels that during the processing of personal data, RAALTRANS or the other processors performing processing had breached his/her rights or the duties designated by the law, the subject of data can demand redress with the use of all the resources which the valid legislation offers him/her.