Raaltrans Databank

We offer a perfect solution for carriage and utilisation needs for haulage and forwarding firms, production plants and companies providing services.

The databank offers two basic functions. The first function is the input of the actual offer to carry a load or of a free vehicle. The second function is searching in the offers of other users: Our programs also offer plenty of other useful tools to this end.

How to register

If you are interested in becoming a user of the RAALTRANS databank, you must have the requisite software (RAALTRANS Editor, RAAL Android) and a concluded contract with the company RAALTRANS a.s. The software provider is the firm ComArr, s r.o. The RAALTRANS database can be used on the Windows and Android operating systems.

  1. Fill in the on-line order.
  2. After acceptance of the order, you will be sent a link or CD with program (windows installation) or email with instructions for installation of RAAL Android. Your access to the databank will be activated after the sending of the appended Transport Information Provision Contract, including annexes to the email address info@raal.cz.
  3. Every month you will be retrospectively invoiced the flat price according to the version of your program for access to the RAALTRANS database.

If you are not sure about which version to choose or you need extra information, do not hesitate to contact our company's control centre.

Pricelist of SOFTWARE and flat fee for services:

1. New licence

Description of version
Global The version "GLOBAL" allows the entry and viewing of all offers, domestic CZ and international.
Acquisition of software
Version Price of basic program Windows Module Android expanded Windows version (1 access) Monthly flat price for RAALTRANS databank services
Global 570,-EUR 185,-EUR 55,- EUR

The specified prices are without VAT and cover the single version (operation on 1 Windows or Android device). The price of all versions is displayed in the ordering process.

As a new customer you have the possibility of using 30-day trial operation. After the expiry of this period you can decide whether to buy a RAALTRANS software licence and to keep using the databank.

The Android program can be purchased as a module for the Window program RAALTRANS Editor version 9 and higher. The functions of the programs for the Windows and Android platform are not the same.

2. Program upgrade:

If you already own RAALTRANS Editor and want to upgrade to the latest version, the prices are as follows:

Upgrade of program RAALTRANS Editor (Windows):

Single version  90,-EUR
NET1 100,-EUR
NET2 130,-EUR

The specified prices are exclusive of VAT and include the "modernisation" upgrade, i.e., only the latest versions without expanded functionality.

If you are interested in buying a version other than the one you are using, it is possible to obtain it for the price difference of the versions plus a fee for upgrade to the latest program version. We will gladly tell you the concrete amount over the telephone on the number +420 466 889 209. The price of all versions is displayed in the ordering process.          

Activation of the program RAALTRANS Editor version 9 is conditional on the conclusion of a new Transport Information Provision Contract with RAALTRANS a.s.

Technical equipment for RAALTRANS Editor

  • operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • permitting of RAALTRANS program on firewall (when the network version is run and during the transmission of data for all versions)
  • the computer has the installed TCP/IP network protocols and a functioning Internet connection
  • for network version of computer network with server Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019, Windows 7/8/10
  • during the installation and use of the program the user must have access rights to the selected directories in full (write and read - these rights are designated by the network administrator)

Technical equipment for RAAL Android

  • operating system Android 4.1 and higher
  • functional Internet connection